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Matières Premières et Emballages pharmaceutiques | Groupe Carte d'Afrique


Vitapharm is the carte d’Afrique sector specializing in the distribution of raw materials for professionals in the pharmaceutical, parapharmaceutical and dietetic sector.

Thanks to our broad expertise in the field, we offer you a complete range of active ingredients and excipients pharmaceuticals. Building on our flagship products and our innovation policy, we your supply of raw materials: Feed Grade, Food Grade and Pharmaceutical Grade.

Various types of packaging are available for the pharmaceutical, parapharmaceutical and dietetic sectors: Our products are checked with the greatest respect for quality and safety standards.

The immunity "booster": a natural and harmless ingredient derived from a yeast: Immunity sector
A unique range of cranberry extract: Women's Health sector
Prickly pear extract with positive effects on water retention: Weight management sector
Healthy lipophilic fiber from cactus leaves with positive effects on blood lipid levels: Cardiovascular health and weight management sector,
The fat & carb blocker: 100% natural extract of brown algae that inhibits digestive enzymes and helps control calorie intake: Weight management sector
The fat binder: Significant weight loss, Reduction of high fat mass, Improved body shape: Weight management sector,
A natural citrus extract that helps reduce stress symptoms and improve your mood: Stress Management area,
A unique natural combination of sage extracts for improving memory capacities, the learning process, concentration and alertness, Cognitive and stress management,
A cactus fruit extract with antioxidant and anti-water retention effects: Antioxidant and anti-aging active ingredients,
From the vine particularly suitable for anti-aging and antioxidant formulations, for cardiovascular health
A unique combination of apple and grape polyphenols for sports nutrition and as antioxidant and anti-aging active ingredients
A grape seed extract rich in OPC: Antioxidant and anti-aging active ingredients,
A unique source of organic olives with guaranteed and very powerful hydroxytyrosol content: Cardiovascular health, Antioxidant and anti-aging active ingredients,
The natural male activator, unique formulation of active ingredients, apple and grape polyphenols enriched with saffron: Antioxidant and anti-aging actives sector
A natural protein-based joint health booster: (Sports nutrition), (Joint health),
La Griffe du Diable / Devil's Claw: the natural and effective solution for joint health

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Sales and technical manager

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